We Are ICS!

Immigrant Community Services Inc, (ICS) is a service focused community-based organization serving the African immigrant communities in the Washington DC Metro area.

Based in Montgomery County Maryland, ICS was established in 2012 in response to the exponential growth of African immigrants in the county and the need for multicultural support of the new immigrants.

Through a broad range of culturally specific programs, ICS helps immigrants better integrate and thrive.




The ICS Way

The ICS way is to support the community by offering services as well as collaborating with other community based organizations, government partners and other entities to serve the community and to build capacity. We truly believe that “it takes a village” and in that “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

Build Equitable Partnerships

  • ICS will work in partnership with other community service providers to strengthen its service delivery to diverse communities.
  • Develop equitable partnerships based on research and innovation to support effective service delivery for the community.
  • Align our programs and services to meet the strategic directions developed.

Our Leadership Team

The board is made up of four at-large councilors that represent the Immigrant Community Services, and four employees that make the efforts of Immigrant Community Services achievable.