The ICS Way

The ICS way is to support the community by offering services as well as collaborating with other service providers to build capacity.

Build Equitable partnerships:

  1. ICS will work in partnership with other community service providers to strengthen its service delivery to diverse communities
  2. Develop equitable partnerships based on research and innovation to support an effective service delivery for the community
  3. Align our programs and services to meet the strategic directions developed.

Find Legal Advice

Meet the Immigrant Community

Food Banks

Get Your Drivers License

Stay Connected

In-House Programs

New to the DMV? Please use these our directory to navigate your way around. We have put together an immigrant essentials list.

Housing Services

Explore our resources for housing services. As an immigrant, its important to know your rights.

Legal Services

A team of legal experts can guide you through the tough US court process. Here are some low cost and pro bono laywers.

Elderly & Youth

Elderly and Youth engagement services are important for your freedom as you strive to earn an income.

Health Services

Explore our health service opportunities. We have a full calendar on upcoming health expos.

Economic Empowerment

Building a solid financial foundation is key to success. From business to counselling, we are here to help you get there.

Community Health Services

ICS provides free healthcare services provided by African immigrant health specialists. Our programs cover mental health services, HIV, Ebola and free health fairs.

Economic Development

Through the African Diaspora Entrepreneurship Summit (AfDES), ICS brings together aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, investors, governmental agencies and other resources to encourage and grow entrepreneurship in the African diaspora community residing in the DC Metro region. Visit AfDES

Community Integration

We curate programs that help new immigrants to settle and fit into their new community. We also have programs aimed at educating and engaging the youth within our immigrant community, keeping them connected to their culture. Through home languages classes, lectures and presentations during school culture days, heritage month celebrations. We offer foreign language translation services.

Donate To the Cause

The board is made up of four at-large councilors that represent Immigrant Community Services, and four employees that make the efforts of Immigrant Community Services achievable.

Our Partners