Community Health Services

Our Community Health Services are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the necessary support for their health and wellness. We serve are your primary informational resource for healthcare services, linking you to care, information and any other resources as needed. 

Alzheimer's & Related Dementias Outreach

In collaboration with our partners, we are thrilled to introduce CROSS CARE, a comprehensive community education series on Alzheimer's and Related Dementias Outreach. This initiative offers valuable education and resources on Alzheimer's and Dementia, including signs and symptoms, preventive strategies, cultural nuances, brain-healthy meals, and as needed referrals to specialized providers for further information and assessment.

CROSS CARE is funded through a grant from Maryland Depart of Health.

Community Health Outreach

Health Fairs

Free health fairs where services are provided exclusively by African Immigrant doctors, nurses and public Health specialists to the community at large - changing the stereotype/perceptions of who receives support and who gives support - showing the strength, talents, and generosity of our community. 

Mental Health Program

We conduct free community discussions virtually and in town hall format to educate and sensitize the community from an African immigrant’s perspective.

Sessions include:

- Community Dialogue on Coping during COVID-19.

- Community Dialogue  to de-stigmatize mental health. 

- Culturally sensitive Training workshops for therapists working with immigrants. 

In Partnership with Expressive Trauma Integration trained mental health professional on coping mechanisms. Training that provides six (6) Continuing Education hours through the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists

- Community dialogue to destigmatize Ebola 


Mental Health Outreach

Conduct free community town hall meetings on understanding Mental Health - specific to African  Immigrants especially war and natural disaster victims.

Mental Health Professionals Training

In Partnership with Expressive Trauma Integration trained mental health professional on coping mechanisms. Training that provides six (6) Continuing Education hours through the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists

Linkage to Care Outreach Program

Together with our partner Patcha Foundation, we provide targeted outreach to African and minority immigrants  with HIV in Montgomery County, Maryland and Prince George’s County, Maryland.  We identify and facilitate access to HIV/AIDS care and other needed support services. We also raise awareness and educate on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. 

HIV/AIDS outreach was funded by Ryan White through Maryland Dept of Health. 

Train the Trainer Program

We developed a culturally and linguistically appropriate anti-stigma curriculum that uses African culture to explain the difficulty in addressing HIV within the African immigrant context. Through outreach to African immigrant faith and community leaders we trained over 30 leaders, who have gone ahead and done workshops for their respective communities.

HIV/AIDS Train the Trainer was funded by Dept of Health and Human Services.

Ebola Program

We successfully implemented, during the Ebola outbreak, community conferences to educate immigrant societies here in the US the truth about infectious diseases and bringing diaspora groups together to work on post crisis initiatives. Needs and Challenges, State Efforts in Countering Stigma, Behavioral Health and Psychosocial Impact within the African Community, and Support Services Available.

Medical Missions:
Sierra Leone & Cameroon

We coordinate medical missions to various parts of Africa. Teams include medical professionals from EU, US and Africa and they  provide lifesaving medical and surgical emergencies and outreach on health, hygiene, and health education. Past missions include:

Sierra Leone Surgical & Training  Mission

 - In the town of Bo, the team saw 1500 individuals at Bo Hospital 

 - Strengthened clinical skills of health care participants through mentoring and hands-on teaching opportunities from health experts and specialists from the Diaspora to provide lifesaving general surgical emergencies and obstetric care at Bo hospital. 

 - Trained health workers and medical students including nurses and public health students of Njala University in primary and urgent health care, as well as a refresher on Infection Prevention Control.

 - Donated basic and essential surgical and medical equipment to Bo hospitals. 

- Exchanged of skills and build partnership between the Sierra Leonean diaspora, Cameroonian Diaspora and other African diaspora

Cameroon  Diaspora  Medical Mission

COVID-19 Outreach

Empowering the community with accurate information

In collaboration with community partner  African Women Cancer Awareness Association , we are conducting COVID -19 outreach among the African immigrant and minority immigrant populations in Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland. We ensure our community has the most complete and accurate information on COVID- 19 and can easily locate testing and  treatment centers as needed. testing.  

COVID Outreach was funded by Maryland Dept of Health

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