COVID-19 Discussions

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COVID-19 What’s Next for the Class of 2020?
The class of 2020 has graduated into a vastly different world from what they ever imagined. In January they were poised to graduate into a booming economy and a strong job market. COVID19 happened, and now High school graduates headed to college face virtual visits and orientations. For college graduates, the job market is suddenly tight and secured jobs and internships have vanished. All these changes are causing uncertainty, confusing, stress and anxiety. In this week’s discussion, our guests will reassure, share best practices and advise the Class of 2020.
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COVID-19 Faces of our Healthcare Heroes. #Episode7
For the last 10 weeks healthcare workers and other frontline workers have risked their lives and those of their families through exposure to COVID19. This week our discussion focuses on these healthcare heroes. We show our support and gratitude to the nursing assistants, housekeeping, nurses, physicians and other health care workers caring for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us as we hear first-hand from our healthcare heroes.  
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COVID-19 Voter Information & Maryland Primary Election
COVID-19 upended the 2020 primary election schedule for many states including Maryland. Primary election day for MD was moved from April 28 to June 2nd. With limited physical polling stations and a push to vote by mail there are a lot of confusing changes. Our guests Gilbert Zelaya, Fatmata Barrie & #DanielKoroma will discuss what all the changes mean for Maryland voters, how to register to vote, reading, understanding your ballot and the implications of your vote and much more. 
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Keeping Children Engaged during Lockdown

#Episode5 Of the COVID-19 Virtual Discussion focuses on how to Keep children occupied and engaged during the current COVID-19 lockdown. Parents face the added pressure of working from home, juggling home-schooling schedules, care giving, and entertaining children who are also adjusting to learning in a new environment. It is a stressful time for all. Our guests speakers Maimunah Marah, M.S.Ed., LCCE, Paulette Mpouma, #SibongileChinodakufa, #ElainaBakasara shared their experiences and best practices.  

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COVID-19 Coping for Families with Children Living with Disabilities

In this episode, we focus on how families with children living with disabilities are coping . Due to COVID-19 lockdown, many families with children living with disabilities have had to adjust to a new reality that includes reduced services and support staff. The added burden of juggling work, home schooling schedules and caring for other children increases the pressure on caregivers. Our guests speakers #ElizaAkuaThompson, #AgnesBangura and #MariamaJallohKoroma shared their experiences and best practices.

COVID-19 Its effect on Immigration & Enforcement

When the COVID-19 pandemic induced lockdown was introduced, Immigrant Community Services in partnership with #Afriquetoday launched the COVID19 Virtual Discussions Series outreach program to help keep African immigrant communities informed. In #Episode3, the discussion centered around #COVID19 and its impact on US Immigration & Enforcement. Fatmata Barrie, Amaha Kassa & Hiwot Berihun spoke with ShingieMangwiro.

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Montgomery County Public Health Emergency Grant (PHEG) Explained 

Part 1 Shingie Mangwiro speaks with Daniel Koroma discussing the Montgomery County Public Health Emergency Grant (PHEG) application process for Small businesses will discuss how to apply and who is eligible.  

Part 2  This was be followed by a discussion on PTSD among Diaspora communities, how to recognize and deal with it in these stressful times, with Dr. Manka Nkimbeng and Dr. Tamar Rodney


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Coping Skills & Resilience in times of COVID-19

Dr Manka Nkimbeng speaks with Council Member Will Jawando and Dr Jonathan Dalton.  For many and especially for immigrant communities, the pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic are many and far reaching on already fragile mental wellness. New immigrants often do not have a strong social or financial strong support system resulting in mental health issues. We are beginning a series of virtual talks on Mental Health discussing skills and how to cope in Times of COVID19.